3 Apps All Photographers Should Have On Their Phone

As a photographer there are so many tools that we know and use. We’re all pretty familiar with programs that can be used from a laptop or computer like Photoshop and Lightroom but with our job comes times when we have to edit on the go or find another way to be creative.

UNFOLD: The Instagram (Facebook and Snapchat) Story Editor of the Future

If you haven’t heard of Unfold by now then I apologize on behalf of every creative who had the opportunity to tell you and didn’t. Unfold’s goal is to help users of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook create more creative and compelling stories. Currently they have 5 different collections that offer a variety of options when trying to curate that perfect look. Just check out some examples of my own stories that I’ve created!

unnamed (3).jpg

unsplash: Photos for everyone by US

Now I had to put unsplash on here. And why? Well for starters Unfold and Unsplash have teamed up not only to give us a more creative way to share our stories but to also add dynamic photos to them (without the copyright infringement WHOO). So what’s so great about unsplash when as a photographer we usually (ok always) take our own photos? Well let’s think filler photos and creative ideas. We have the opportunity to use all these photos on our social media or to accent a photo we’ve already taken. On the photo below I photographed a model in Downtown Houston, TX. I wanted to add some dynamic look to it for my highlight so I simply went and found the perfect image to compliment mine!

unnamed (4).jpg


As photographers it’s our job to take photos with our extremely expensive cameras. But with the way technology has continued to expand we also have the option of taking pictures on our cell phones. Which are pretty good quality might I add. VSCO takes those photos to the next level. For that on the go editing you can upload your photo and add one of the many filters over it. Just like some of these I took the other day of my husband.


So to all my fellow photographers and clients alike. If you are wanting just a little more pop in your photos go pick up these apps in your google play store iPhone app store!

Caylee Loville